Solara Executor for Windows

Start your Windows exploiting journey with Solara exploit

Solara is a hope

Unlike other Windows executor, Solara actually works and that too without any lag. Created by your friend quiving and qui and multiple coders who specializes in reverse enginerring.

If you are fed up with fake Windows executors. Give Solara a try.


Active Users


UNC Support


Level 3 Executor

Solara exploit: Introduction

Solara is a brand new Windows executor developed by industry expert reverse engineers. Currently Solara supports 52% UNC and is level 3 executor. Please be informed that Solara is not able to bypass byfron/hyperion currently and you should always use alt accounts to exploit Roblox.

Please also note that Solara can be detected any time and needs time to fix and update the same. The developers does not claim 100% free from banwave, therefore it is recommended to never use Solara in your main Roblox account.

Download Solara


5/1/2024Sorry for the long wait with not much changes, I had to do stuff IRL Updated for the latest LIVE version-7d64f40489634ca5

  • Added Save File, Open File

  • Added a colored indicator for when you’re attached, and when you’re not

  • Implemented a fix for ghost ROBLOX processes

  • Memory reference error should be fixed now

  • Top most


Solara for windows is 100% keyless and always will be. We don’t believe in spamming ads throughout your gaming experience.

Cool UI

If you are one who believes in good looking tools then Solara is for you. It has very sleek design that can be your eye candy.

Instant Updates

Ever thought what will happpen if Roblox detect Solara? Well, we are always here to provide you instant updates and upgrades for free.

How to Install Solara

  • To start exploiting using Solara, Visit the official website which is
  • Then scroll down to the download section where you will see the “Download Solara” button
  • Click on “Download Solara” and start downloading the executor
  • Once the download is complete, Open the rar file and extract in your desire place.
  • Now open Roblox using Bloxstrap and enter in your favorite game.
  • Launch Solara executor by opening “Solara.exe” and start attaching scripts in your Roblox game.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is 100% safe as long as you download Solara from the official website which is

No, Solara is free and always will be

No, Solara is doesn’t bypassed byfron, there you should use alt account.

No, Solara is windows only executor